brandingeditorialvideo Braga CED We have been challenged by the City Hall of Braga, more precisely by the Sport and Youth department, to conceive and structure all the communication of Braga's candidacy for the European City of Sport 2018. It is a very stimulating job as it covers almost all areas of communication, graphic design, photography and video, paging and editing, production and even marketing.

WE CREATE IDENTITY The "B" of Braga would be almost an inevitability in a city of sport that wants to be with European dimension. The spirit of sport of all and within the reach of all is a trademark in the city and no other character translates the city better than the "B" of its name. An age with character, with a collective personality and clearly dedicated to sport, in its most diverse strands, without losing originality and identity. It was around this concept that we work.

WE GAVE HIM PERSONALITY The conjugation of various elements, all of them associated with this application are revealing the congregation and commitment of the city around this purpose. The C + E + D (European City of Sport) or E + C + S (Europe City of Sport) unite in a perfect and bilingual harmony for the "B". In turn the deconstruction of the "B" in two parts allows to glimpse the number "18" pertaining to the year in which the activities associated with this exhibition are going. It is therefore also an eclectic logo as it closes in itself revealing and symbolic elements of this candidacy.

WE MAKE IT TRANSVERSAL Another evident concern was to endow the logo with flexibility in terms of coloring, i.e. make it functional and usable on any scale, environment or colorful context. We provide it with transparency so that it can use in addition to colours, reflected ../Images adapted to any context, thereby making the possibilities of use unlimited. Here's the transversatility.

WE DID IT ICONOGRAPHIC It is intended that the logo of this candidacy is more than a mere symbol, it is expected to be the tone of a whole communication strategy and an identity. In this sense we create a logo that allows for the creation of representative iconography of all sporting modalities, through the simple use of some of its constituent elements. It will be in this integrated, uniform and directed way. Simple, effective and perceptible, in a combination of structured elements designed to be versatile, but with sense. The "B" of Braga who is a candidate for the European City of Sport 2018, communicating with Europe in a clear and focused language, which is modern and cosmopolitan, but without losing the identity and history, consisting of an odd human mass, which makes sport a leisure and health routine in the Its more diverse modalities and it will be known to represent each of them with the conjugation of its elements... the such that composes the "B", of Braga, of the European City of sport, of 2018.

THE MASCOTS - GUSTO & DIANA Gusto and Diana are the official mascots of Braga European City of sport, young and fun, join the same concept in different seasons.

THE CANDIDACY Not only to provide the candidacy of a whole dynamic communicational that leads to the projection of the image of Braga the capital of the sport as cross, multidisciplinary, the integrator of professional sport as a playful and leisure activity, as well as the amateur in order to boost the Institutions and citizens around a common and current concern, health and wellbeing, as well as showing the aggregate capacity of the city around individual and group sporting activities, going through high-competition sportsmen, exaggerated out time sportsmen but also with a revealing focus on the adapted sport was our mission.
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