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Designing the world you live Design is, historically, an element of enormous fascination for the human being. From the beginnings of humanity, the design of elements, objects and even, in a more humanistic perspective, of people, is a structuring factor of life on earth. Either because it endows things with function, or because it gives them personality and identity, because it reveals feelings, develops relationships and awakens the senses, the truth is that it is present in everything we see, touch and live.
Design Station is a design company, pure and hard, in its most diverse perspectives and dimensions, from the first trait to the final project, from idea to dream and of course ... from dream to reality.
We design the world you live.
architecture. Buildings began by representing shelters for the man, assuming itself like a fundamental piece of the first conceptions of family. They quickly became elements of social and political relevance. Today they are central to modern society not only because of their functional and organizational role, but also because of the impact they have on urban aesthetics and people's quality of life.
Each project has an identity, a function and a framework and it is in this line of thought that Design Station structures its services and architecture, whether in the perspective of building or rebuilding buildings, spaces or infrastructures
design. As designers we are interpreters of meanings. In fashion design we do not have styles, limits or preferences. In product design we are translators of ideas, concepts or dreams. We are creative and creative and so we are able to interpret or create, with all the knowledge and technical rigor that this sector demands. From design to production, branding and market launch, we can do everything or be just the missing piece in the puzzle of your project. We are self critical and dissatisfied by nature and therefore our learning process is permanent and timeless. The product is the result itself.
graphics. There are no equal projects, no equal people, and we have to reinvent ourselves with every challenge. From trait to drawing, from drawing to image, from image to letters, from letters to words ... from design to communication. It's all connected and right there next door.
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